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Welcome to our Academy

Welcome to Precipice Decision Training Academy where we teach businesses how to step back from the precipice . We offer a step by step approach. You do not need to be a genius to join us or survive, You only need to want to know and be flexible in you approach to solutions,
If you want to know what the business precipice is or if it seems as if today’s world at a precipice or feels threatening and wonder why is there so much uncertainty and what you can do to survive or even thrive in the midst of all this mess, you have come to the right place for answers,
As our name suggests we are here to give hope and help to businesses as they navigate the troubled world plagued by a pandemic with no end in sight and unimaginable climatic disasters.
The situation is worsened by global supply chain breakdown and global poverty fueled by deficit financing and a culture of death and destruction.
In the midst of all these things, we offer a ray of hope, providing simple processes that have been overlooked for a long time but which are the only way to survive and even thrive in these uncertain days.
It means going back to the basics, relating our business model to that the earth is naturally coded with which is made available to us in the manual for human existence on earth we call the Scriptures.
Since the system of nature is a computer system i.e. coded by our maker who created commerce, there is a coded way for commerce to operate in any economic situation.
We identify this code and help our clients to relate it to their individual businesses. This is the only sure way out.
To find out more ask for a FREE consultation or join us and begin to see what others have seen and take sure steps to pill back from the precipice.

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