Decisions that result in real enduring financial Breakthroughs

Precipice Decision Training Academy is an online Business Advisory Service designed to assist business owners in a crisis situation such as today’s global business precipice environment.

We provide a road map for navigating your business away from the precipice and unto safe ground.s

We use the Business Model Canvass approach, concentrating on the foundational issues affecting most companies that make it difficult to navigate the treacherous terrain of an economic precipice that is global in its reach.

The most important part of a business that must constantly be reviewed is its value proposition. Everything else is built on it. Most businesses pay little or no attention to this issue on a continual basis and many have never thought of it. It is however the key to success or failure.

We help businesses identify their true value proposition as opposed to what they think it is. Once this is done, we help in identifying the true business segments and all the other elements of the business model canvas and assist businesses to see at a glance their whole business – its successes and failures from the foundation upwards. This is key to making changes that can turn around the business or if it is thriving help it maintain its momentum.